Our Standards

Integrity: Documentation and Process Control

All the information presented in a white-labeled research report is thoroughly documented with appropriate information sources or basis for populating data, which helps to build authenticity for the study and keeps our research auditable. The report preparation process is standardized through various checklists and strict process control.

Quality: Maker-Checker

We follow a maker-checker concept on all output, which primarily involves detailed review and validation of the output generated by a maker (team member), to be done by the checker (team leader). This is layered on top of peer reviews and quality control checklists, which ensure  stringent adherence to our high-quality standards.

Timelines: Periodic Client Reviews

Information collected/analyzed is collated as a work-in-progress report and periodically shared with the client. Regular review and feedback from the client ensure that final deliverables incorporate client feedback and are completed within committed timelines.

Skills: Database Knowledge

Our team possesses a working knowledge of leading global databases, including Bloomberg, Capital IQ, and Thomson Reuters, which form the base for all our information and analysis.

Confidentiality: Data Security

We maintain the best global standards in terms of compliance and information security. Our IT infrastructure and client’s data are safeguarded from the external environment through stringent information security policies.