M&A Research

We offer a bouquet of tailor-made research services for deal advisory and investment banking, supporting across the entire deal lifecycle. Engage with us and focus on your core activities while we support you for all your research needs.

Pitch Book / IM / PPM Preparation


We provide professional and independent expertise in preparation of placement memorandums, pitch books or other investor presentation related material. This allows you to spend more time on idea generation and deal-related activities to most effectively accomplish your acquisition and divestiture goals.

  • Standard and customized pitch book/IM preparation
  • Investment proposal assessment
  • Macro and target sector mapping
  • Investor identification
  • Screening and profiling
  • Presentation support across the investment process

Market Potential Analysis


Conduct a market potential analysis before making any investment decision. We focus on doing the heavy lifting work for you, so that you are able to dedicate more time for sourcing deals and closing deals.

  • Identification of investment opportunities
  • Market sizing
  • Screening and profiling
  • Deep dive of the potential investment opportunities
  • Performance evaluation of the identified opportunities
  • Technology impact analysis
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Understand market attractiveness and dynamics

Industry Deep-dives and Sector Mapping


At Perusal Global, we have developed expertise in industry deep-dives and sector mapping.

  • In-depth investment review for target industry and market dynamics
  • Opportunity screening
  • Industry landscape mapping
  • Target risk analysis
  • Historical deal analysis

Company Profiling & Benchmarking


Build company profile and comparison with industry benchmarks.

  • Company profiling
  • SWOT analysis
  • PEST analysis
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Competitive landscape

Transaction Support


We offer our extended support across the deal lifecycle from deal origination to execution including identification of potential investors, follow-up documentation and presentation support.

  • Extended support from deal origination to deal structuring
  • Identification of potential investors
  • Follow-up documentation
  • Presentation support
  • Content support

Deal Evaluation


Engage our team to take care of your research component, while you focus on marketing and road show activities.

  • Target/portfolio company performance review
  • Deep-dive analysis of investment opportunity
  • Target business due diligence
  • Performance evaluation
  • Industry comparison
  • Financial modeling
  • Projections and valuation

Financial Modelling & Valuation


Assess the future financial performance and valuation of the investment / company from our tailor-made financial model.

  • Comprehensive financial model and assumption validation
  • Business valuation (DCF, DDM, SOTP)
  • Comparative multiples based models
  • LBO analysis
  • Model update
  • Database linked valuation
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Return analysis

Business Due-diligence & Exit Strategy Support


Conduct business due-diligence and risk analysis of potential companies to safeguard investment return and performance. Facilitating evaluation of your exit opportunities and support for exit process.

  • Facilitating business validation through primary research & market intelligence service
  • Deep-dives
  • Market studies
  • Scenario analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Attractiveness of target investment

Post-Acquisition Monitoring (PAM) Support


Acting as a bridge between the investor and the investee. Producing business intelligence by ongoing monitoring and measuring of portfolio companies’ KPIs. Tracking the progress of milestones set in the strategic growth plan of the investor.

  • Active communication channel building
  • Development of PAM roadmap
  • Identification of key strategic objectives
  • Industry opportunity validation
  • Competitive benchmarking KPIs
  • Measurable business intelligence reports from monitoring and analysis
  • Validation and analysis of financial statements
  • Assessment of bank statements
  • Analytics and forensic study of costs, productivity and growth to sales
  • Outgoing people, vendor, customer surveys
  • Track of environmental, social, corporate governance, reputational and regulatory compliance issues
  • Development of intelligent dashboards

Who we serve


Investment Banks


Independent Advisory Firms


Private Equity Funds


Venture Capital Funds


  • Reduced cost and improved productivity
  • Greater flexibility to right-size organization
  • Ability to scale quickly
  • Increased availability of resources towards idea generation and client interaction
  • Source in-depth analysis across industries and geographies
  • Quality output, produced by our SOP-driven approach and multiple quality checks

Our Value Proposition




Process Improvements


Profit Center Engagement Model


Cost Reduction

Engagement modelExclusive attention. Absolute transparency

Dedicated Model
(Resource Augmentation)

Leverage our dedicated team of analysts who work as an extension of your own team for a mix of regular and ad-hoc research needs.

Bespoke Projects
(Project-based Assignment)

Engage us for project-based research needs for ongoing deals, one-off project or short-term resource ramp-up on demand.

On-demand Model
(Block of Hours)

Get dedicated hours for the year/month as per your requirement to deploy on-demand resources.