Market Intelligence

Our market intelligence services enable our clients to gain a deeper understanding of competitive dynamics and consumer behavior, thereby helping them to widen their customer reach and make informed investment decisions.


Identify the market gap and potential action for a new product / service launch.

  • Understand the potential market dynamics
  • Competitive landscape study
  • Identify technological requirements
  • Identify market gap and potential action
  • Market opportunity validation
  • Market segmentation

Facilitating detailed insights on competitor strengths, strategy and prospective business action plan.

  • Identify close competitions
  • Peers profiling
  • Market positioning analysis
  • Deep-dives on competition
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Define competitive edge

Evaluate the effect of marketing efforts on the company’s revenue and profitability, including the brand recall for the marketing drives and schemes.

  • Evaluate marketing effectiveness
  • Assess RoI on marketing spend
  • Formulate actionable marketing strategy
  • Brand building strategy support
  • Evaluate existing marketing campaign

Conduct primary and secondary research / surveys covering site / plant / marketplace visits enabling a synchronization between content description and reality.

  • Primary and market research
  • Mystery shopping
  • Build questionnaire
  • Site / plant visit
  • On-ground insights and expert opinion

Develop a deeper insights of dynamics that influence consumers’ behavior and decisions.

  • Customer review / feedback tracking
  • Shopper studies
  • Customer sentiment mapping
  • Consumer dynamics analysis

Get insights into the vendors’ financial stability, quality of service and satisfaction level of existing customers.

  • Vendor assessment
  • Vendor background check
  • Performance scorecard
  • Design quality control systems
  • Supply stress testing
  • Channel checks
  • Supply planning and optimization

Who we serve


Family Investment Offices


Business Enterprises


Private Equity Funds


Venture Capital Funds


  • Better understanding of customers and competition
  • Uncover potential problem areas
  • Measure reputation of the company / brand
  • Improve operational efficiency by identifying gaps, devising strategies, and providing on-ground updates

Our Value Proposition


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Competitive Benchmarking

Engagement modelExclusive attention. Absolute transparency.

Dedicated Model
(Resource Augmentation)

Leverage our dedicated team of analysts who work as an extension of your own team for a mix of regular and ad-hoc research needs.

Bespoke Projects
(Project-based Assignment)

Engage us for project-based research needs for ongoing deals, one-off project or short-term resource ramp-up on demand.

On-demand Model
(Block of Hours)

Get dedicated hours for the year/month as per your requirement to deploy on-demand resources.